Saturday, July 12, 2014

On our way to Mobile

Captain's Log: 12 July, 2014; Hour: 1145

We are currently passing through Santa Rosa Sound. We hope to catch a glimpse of the Blue Angels show as we pass by Pensacola.

We got off a little later than we wanted to today, about hour 0900. We tried to clean out the sea strainers for the engines but our seacocks were stuck. I hate when that happens. Still, we're making good time. The weather's great. We're enjoying the scenery. We hope to make it past Mobile today and start heading up river toward Tennessee.

It could be worse. That could be us. I guess all
you need is some plywood and a telephone pole.
And they came all they way from Maryland on that thing!

Captain Bob has informed me that I'm going swimming tonight when we dock. He wants me to check the water intakes for the engines under the bottom. He wants to make sure there's adequate water being sucked through the cooling system. So far there's plenty of water coming from the sides. There's a T at the engine that pulls half the water coming in to cool the engines over the sides on either side and the other half runs through the exhaust system and out of the exhaust pipes at the stern. He just wants to make sure we have enough water running through the system.

Going to take a short nap. Still recovering from the gulf crossing. A new video from days 4-7 should be up within the next 24 hours.

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  1. Don't you people find it strange that the weather forecast called for calm seas and light winds before Phil innocently ventured out into the abyss? Then just a few hours later we've got 6 foot seas and strong winds. I'm thinking the POTUS may have turned on HARP (just like Bush did with Katrina) to get things really churning in the Obama Triangle so as to conveniently silent Uncle Phil permanently.... it's just a thought.