Friday, July 18, 2014

Heading to Knoxville

Captain's Log: 18 July, 2014; Hour: 0503

We're in Florence, AL at the Florence Marina. Making good time and hope to be in Knoxville by Sunday. Allow me to backtrack just a moment. I promised to tell you more about Demopolis.

Demopolis Yacht Basin

After Bobby's Fish Camp, the next destination is another day's travel north to Demopolis. I didn't know what to expect. I was prepared for the worst. What a pleasant surprise. They have a new section for transient boaters. We tied up there and there was a golf cart waiting for us to travel over to the main marina and the restaurant. The restaurant was very good and they loaned us a car to make a much-needed trip for supplies. Back at our part of the marina, there was an awesome salt-water pool, laundry and shower facilities. It was definitely worth the stopover.

The white cliffs of Demopolis
I must say, locking through went a lot better yesterday. It's all a matter of timing. If you get caught in barge traffic you're going to wait. We waited some yesterday but not like the day before. Captain Bob stayed at the helm most of the day. I actually finished the galley flooring and it looks pretty darn awesome.

Birds ten-hut! Getting some respect as Yesterday passes by.

Another 12 or 13-hour day today, we hope. Looking forward to Decatur and Chattanooga up river.


  1. A great video Uncle Phil! Loved it!

  2. So the trip didn't end at Pickwick? You are entering a beautiful stretch along the Tennessee River - be sure to post some of those pictures. We are enjoying the ride! Thanks!

  3. Uncle Phil,

    This part as you said... "I actually finished the galley flooring and it looks pretty darn awesome".

    Pics or it didn't happen!!!

  4. Uncle Phil,

    Glad to hear my info about Demopolis Yacht Basin is outdated. It sounds like they now have quite the set up.

    Good luck with the rest of your voyage.

    Kurt White House, TN