Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cut off from Civilization

Captain's Log: 16 July, 2014; Hour: 0801

My apologies for not blogging over the last several days but since leaving Mobile we have been largely incommunicado. When we did get cell service it was spotty. No offense to anyone but once you leave Mobile on the Mobile River and into the Tombigbee River, there's not a whole lot to see. I actually found myself taking shots of cloud formations.

Alex snagged a fish in a lock. OK, so the fish was already dead and it was more like bait than a catch. It was caught between the walls of the lock. Don't tell PETA. They'll try to have the lock closed down.

We stayed at Bobby's Fish Camp after Mobile. Believe it or not, it's the only place to dock between Mobile and Demopolis. I was expecting some quaint, gentile, southern marina but the name basically is what it says. It's a guy named Bobby with a camp and they fish. Nice enough people but certainly only a place you stop if you have to. I'm happy to report no one made me squeal like a pig.

Demopolis is the polar opposite of Bobby's Fish Camp and a welcomed change. More on that in the next blog. Time to shove off for Pickwick Lake.


  1. What can I say other than “envious of you!”. Your trip may be expensive and filled with unexpected challenges but after hearing about it and reading your blog I want to do it one day! I hope your employer allows you to go on more trips and work. Maybe you can write off that big ole boat after all?

  2. I'm tired of these tapes....when are you going to go live again? or have you sunk?

  3. You may want to revise your comments lest "Bobby" read them and come after you...and make you...squeal like a pig after all! Safe cruising.

  4. Wow cumbulis clouds look awesome. I will await your return Captian Philip. . check the front desk at 99.7. Have made something very special for you sir. Jimmy shelbyville.

  5. i say turn that boat around and go back to the gulf that was exciting job well done

    1. Uncle Phil says the Gulf of Mexico looks best in his rearview mirror!