The Crew

Meet the Crew of Yesterday

Bob Buckland
"Captain Bob" served 16 years in the Navy, leaving as a Lt. Commander. Ten of those years he served as a Navy SEAL. Bob earned his degree in mechanical engineering from Old Dominion University and his masters at UCLA. Bob has piloted vessels as large as 454-foot guided missile cruisers. He's a professional sailmaker and spent 20 years with North Sails Carolina where his canvas work was voted 'Best on the East Coast' by Cruising World. Also known as "Hard Jaw" and "Big 'un." He hails from Beaufort, NC.

Alex Plante
Alex is a recent high school grad with plans for military service. The quiet and unassuming first mate of Yesterday is resourceful, capable, and an experienced mariner. He has a knack for diagnosing a problem and fixing it with just the tools and resources at his disposal. Also known as "Mumbles." He hails from Morehead City, NC.

Phil Valentine
Phil is a nationally syndicate talk show host with Westwood One Radio Network and the owner of Yesterday. Also known as Thurston Howell III. He hails from Nashville.

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