Saturday, July 19, 2014

On the Home Stretch

Captain's Log: 19 July, 2014; Hour: 1612

We're sitting here at — where else? — a lock, which the lockmaster told us would be open in 15 minutes over 45 minutes ago. We stayed overnight in Huntsville. I docked the boat for the first time and there were no reported deaths or injuries.

This part of the trip has been gorgeous. Once we hit Guntersville Lake the scenery just opened up before us.

We're trying to make Knoxville by the end of the day Sunday but that's now looking unlikely because of all of the waits at the locks. I had a plan to run overnight with our newest crew member and my oldest son, Carr. I guess he'd be second mate. Or is that first-mate-once-removed. Anyway, Carr and I were going to do the overnight run while Captain Bob and Alex slept. I discussed it with the good captain and he reminded me that our 12-volt system needs to be charged nightly since the fine folks in Fort Pierce failed to fix our generator after waiting a frickin' week for the part, but I'm not bitter. Captain Bob was right, of course. We lose the 12-volt system and we lose the nav system and that would be bad with two novices on the bridge in the middle of the night.

More scenery from Guntersville Lake
As soon as we're through this confounded lock we'll fuel up at Nickajack Marina, which takes about an hour, then we'll go as far as we can until dark. I've only crossed over Nickajack Lake but I understand it's the most beautiful part of the trip. Looking forward to it.


  1. there is no place like tennessee welcome home uncle phil thanks alot for keeping everybody informed and entertained i will be glad when you go live on the radio again

  2. I'm still wondering what generator part you needed that wasn't easily available to have shipped within 24 hours. I have a TON of Detroit Diesel 8V-71 experience and ten experience to boot.

  3. ^^^^^^^Stupid auto correct. That's "gen" experience.