Thursday, July 10, 2014

Approaching Panama City

Captain's Log: 10 July, 2014; Hour: 1450

We left Apalachicola, FL this morning with hopes of making it to Panama City in time to do the show. We hope to be on the air by the top of the hour. The worst is behind us. Should be smooth sailing from here on out.

After the gulf fiasco we spent last evening assessing the damage, which was minimal. Some paint knocked off the hull on the bow and that's about it. The water we were taking on was apparently from the rough seas. We don't believe there's a leak anywhere. I crawled down in the stern bilge last night to check for running water where the steering bar meets the rudders. There was none.

Our air conditioning didn't work when we hooked up to shore power. Captain Bob surmised that when we ran aground at the small marina just prior to the gulf crossing we may have sucked mud into the water cooler for the AC. We removed the strainer and it was caked with mud. We cleaned it off with a hose and replaced it. The AC worked great.

We'll settle in for the night as soon as we dock. I'll do the show then we'll make plans for our next leg as we shoot for Mobile by Saturday.

It looks like I'll take a vacation week next week. You can continue to follow our adventures via the blog. Being off the air will give us at least 5 more hours of running time per day. We should cover a lot of water. We hope to pick up a couple of Valentine boys along to way to make the trip to our final destination. They'll be under the tutelage of the inimitable Captain Bob.

Oh, and thanks for all the well-wishes and concerns over our gulf crossing. I wish so much we had had the presence of mind to video our ordeal but we were in full emergency mode. I thought if I broke out the camera Captain Bob might throw it overboard.


  1. Eegads! That was a sketchy trek, now wasn't it?

  2. Sounds like Captain Bob is a good man to have around a boat.

  3. what an adventure ! ! now thats living

  4. Well cool, and hope you have a great vacation.
    My best too you and your crew. Jimmy shelbyville

  5. Hey guys. I took a look at the boat this afternoon @4:45 on the way back from the Blues on the Beach. I was in the blue hulled Intrepid center console. Saw your mate up in the wheelhouse. I hope you had a steak up the street. Darn fine restaurant w/in 2 blocks where you're tied up.
    The Blues fly again tomorrow at 2;00.
    Be forewarned also. There is a major billfish tournament going on at the wharf marina in Orange Beach. There will be a slew of goldplater sportfishermen headed back to the wharf late Saturday afternoon from Mobile Bay entrance. You may want to consider watching the Blue Angels and then going on to somewhere in the ditch stopping east of the wharf Sat. night. Then head on to Mobile on Sunday.
    I would recommend Dog River Marina and Boat Works on Mobile Bay. Great folks. The owner, Sonny Middleton, was the first person to do the Tenn--Tom on a yacht and has done it numerous times since it's opening.
    Safe travels.... Capt.Ed Brown
    FWB, FL

  6. Exactly what the previous post suggests. I emailed you my phone number in case there is anything you guys need while in the Gulf Shores, Orange Beach area. JD