Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mr. Scott. Full Power

Captain's Log: 19 July, 2014; Hour: 2333

The captain reconsidered my request for an all-nighter and we are on our way. We fueled up at Hales Bar Marina where they told our captain they had been following our adventure via our blog. A big shout out to Hales Bar Marina, named after one of the first hydroelectric dams, Hales Bar Dam, which was completed in 1913. We got some ice, coffee, candy bars and soft drinks and headed out.

The old Hales Bar hydroelectric plant

We hit Chattanooga about 2245 local time. It was nice to see it at night. We'll take shifts at the helm. Depending on the wait times at the locks, we should see Knoxville about 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. The biggest worry will be drift wood. The guy at the marina said they let a lot of water out upstream which usually leads to debris in the water.

Little cabins literally on the water for rent at Hales Bar Marina
Once we hit Nickajack Lake, Carr and I both turned to each other and said how much it looked like Switzerland. I had heard how beautiful it was and the reports turned out to be right.

Nickajack Lake

We're jacked up and ready for another fun night. Hopefully it won't be as eventful as the last all-nighter we pulled. The now infamous gulf crossing.


  1. Good luck, Uncle Phil... and by the way, do ya have radar on that boat?

  2. No radar. Just a Garmin chart plotter.

    1. Uncle Phil... having worked out on the river in earlier days (towboats don't tie up when the sun goes down), I can attest to its value. However, once you get "home" and should you not foresee running at night, it might just have limited or little real worth to you.

      Of course, that's only my "thinking", which could be wrong!