Monday, June 30, 2014

Yesterday's Sea Trial

As we mentioned Saturday in the captain's log, we took the boat Yesterday out for a sea trial. Below is a short video. She, of course, is a restoration project. You can see from the video where we've begun the task of stripping the old varnish from the toe rail. We hope to have that completed while we're underway.

We've begun the transformation inside the vessel, as well. All mechanics are in good shape. From here on out we'll be concentrating on the cosmetics; things like painting, carpet, etc. The woodwork below decks is in excellent shape so there won't be any work there. Much of the cosmetic work has already begun and we hope to get a great deal of that done during the trip.


  1. Kinda reminded me of the SS Minnow. Kiddin'. Enjoy!!!!

  2. Some pointers before you leave have you had your Coast Guard inspection yet because the route you're taking is a very popular smuggling route. also remember of the barges they don't care one or two horns understand navigation rules . stay within the bouy markers sand bars. Can fool the best depth finders. With the amount of rain you will have allot of dibries so have a watchful eye. Have all river lock frequencies ready. Smooth sailing captain Phil and may the wind be at your back as SS Yesterday, with her new captain.
    Jimmy shelbyville TN