Saturday, June 14, 2014

Let the adventure begin!

Coming soon . . . Phil Valentine's Great American Vacation - Cruising the Great Loop. Check back for updates starting June 23rd.


  1. Good for you Phil. I have made the trip several times in a number of different boats. I'm not too fond of old wood boats and the maintenance headaches that they represent. If the hull and systems hold together it should prove to be a real experience for you. Looking forward to your updates. bon voyage. John

  2. Mr. Valentine... the CC Connie is complimented by its littlest sister, the Chris Craft Cobra (21 foot long runabout). Of course you cannot have a comfortable overnight on the Cobra but it is very cool. As a kid I spent a number of weekends on a 42' Mathews with some 40 and 50 foot Pacemakers thrown in. I was always most impressed by the Constellations and will stop everything I am doing to have a chance to gawk at one. You have the truest of all American classic yachts. May you have a wonderful cruise and keep up the great radio show!!!!!. More pictures of your boat please. Just Google MOG Canal Boat and you can see some pictures of our Looper. George M

  3. Phil we hope you have a great trip, this is something that a lot of folks would love to do. We have a 44 ft three bouys on center hill and is lake locked. Don't ever move it from the tn. river and keep that freedom. Your friends John and Lill