Sunday, August 17, 2014

New pictures as we begin the restoration

We've just posted some new interior pictures of 'Yesterday' after my wife, Susan, got a chance to give it her touch. Click here and scroll down toward the bottom to see 'Yesterday' today shots. We've finished revarnishing the starboard side toe rail. We'll post 'before and after' photos soon.

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  1. Welcome Home Capt. after keeping up with your trip an all the bad luck u seemed to have at each leg of it im glad it didn't include the Bermuda Triangle LOL. Most just don't realize how tranquil an peaceful a nice calm day on the Sea is but More don't realize how uncomfortable 6 ft plus seas are either esp on a leaking Boat. Enjoy your spin on life my friend. "GITrotRdone" Capt Trinity land locked on top of the Rock